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About the Crew

Garrett and Rachal Watson have more than two decades combined experience in music performance on the stage. With a passion for music and desire to bring fun, engaging music-related events and activities to Cleburne and surrounding areas, they bring everything to the table to ensure your event fills seats and packs beats!

Rachal Watson is a professionally trained vocalist and songwriter with a degree in vocal performance. Garrett Watson studied vocal performance and choral/orchestral conducting and has a passion for engaging community and making music fun.

If you're looking for a live band covering a variety of hits including classic rock, alternative rock, country, and more, look no further than Skylark & Starling. 

Learn to read music and master your voice! Study classical, theater, rock, and contemporary singing styles and gain experience performing.

Looking for a fun evening addition to your restaurant, bar, or other event? Check out our affordable DJ and Karaoke packages, as well as our plug-and-play set-ups for presentations and bands.

Take advantage of Rachal and Garrett's professional experience in theater and choral/orchestral conducting to bring professionalism and excellence to your next event.  


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