Vocal Studio

Meet Your Vocal Instructor: Rachal Watson

Rachal Watson is a passionate and well studied singer with a BA in Vocal Performance and more than a decade of stage experience in opera, musical theater, and contemporary 'gig' music. As a performer she enjoys the challenge of differentiating her techniques and often finds similarities that bridge them all together such as breath support and tone production.

Rachal recently was a participant in an opera program taking place in Mondavio, Italy where she performed several opera roles for an Italian audience. She has also been involved in a number of stage productions in Louisiana and Texas and is currently scheduled to co-direct Oliver! the Musical later this year. She also has a number of years of experience as a gig musician and has performed at numerous locations in the Shreveport, LA and DFW, TX areas.

About the Studio

Studio lessons can be scheduled as a half-hour or full hour and are generally recommended to be scheduled once a week to best solidify knowledge and techniques developed during lessons. The student may be required to purchase study materials such as vocal books and should also bring a notebook with them to each rehearsal. Currently, all lessons are held at Rachal's home address but we are working on securing a permanent studio location in Cleburne.

Half-hour Lesson: $35.00 ($130.00 for 4 lessons)
Full-hour Lesson: $50.00 ($190.00 for 4 lessons)